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In collaboration with Household, Sol Archer has spent time with individuals and groups identifying with contemporary and historical Sailortown and it’s surrounding area: elderly former residents, new migrant communities, local grassroots organisations, and children and young people living in a small post-2008 crash social housing complex.

This process has involved the documentation of oral histories, with a particular focus on historical conditions of labour in the Docks, seafaring, and the now long-gone mills and factories to which Sailortown provided generations of workers.



oral histories

John, Billy, & Bobby
Terry Bo
Marie, Mary, & Sue

This archive will be added to over time.  The documents incorporate personal histories, labour conditions, spatialised recollections, reproductive labour, immigration, religion, international solidarity, poetry, song, city planning, the troubles, the struggle for Irish independence, and the construction of working class community identity.


Liam   &             Tommy

Dock work, unions, hungary, Northern Ireland, Labour, body practices of Dockers, tools of the trade

Liam and Tommy are former Sailortown residents, and retired Dockers.

They worked through the period of containerisation, decasualisation, unionisation, automation, and a number of other radical changed to the labour relation, work structure, and practices of the harbour, all of which led to significant decreases in the workforce, and reductions in the influence, scope, and political potential of the unions.  

In this conversation Liam and Tommy discuss work on the docks, tools, body practices, risks, dangers, and experiences over their working lives, and the gradual removal of workers from the harbour.

They also touch on their experience of the harbour as an interface between Northern Ireland and political conditions around the world, and how working experience was influenced by this interface and reflected in internaitonal solidarity, for example with the Hungarian revolution.