Who Makes


In Sailortown, grass-roots activism and regeneration takes place alongside the expansion of the harbour estate and large scale, top-down urban planning and development. not only the earth we share is rooted in questions around rights to the city and by, for, and to whom the city acts; and explores the impact of decades of urban planning and development on people, place, and ways of life.

Who makes the city will be a growing resource of videos and situated conversations that broadly address how and by whom the city as a condition is determined and continues to change.

not only the earth we share platforms the first iteration of this project with videos introducing the work of leading academics, writers and thinkers Samuel Stein, Brenna Bhandar and Daniel Renwick,Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, and Anna Minton and Henrietta Williams. These speakers will discuss their work , research and thinking on city governance and property development; the relationships between property law and colonialism; rights to the city; solicarity, security and freedom; and environmental justice.

These videos will be followed by a public conversation featuring local politicians, architects, and activists on city planning, development, and specific conditions of the urban commons in Belfast .

Episode 01: Belfast