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In collaboration with Household, Sol Archer has spent time with individuals and groups identifying with contemporary and historical Sailortown and it’s surrounding area: elderly former residents, new migrant communities, local grassroots organisations, and children and young people living in a small post-2008 crash social housing complex.

This process has involved the documentation of oral histories, with a particular focus on historical conditions of labour in the Docks, seafaring, and the now long-gone mills and factories to which Sailortown provided generations of workers.



oral histories

John, Billy, & Bobby
Terry Bo
Marie, Mary, & Sue

This archive will be added to over time.  The documents incorporate personal histories, labour conditions, spatialised recollections, reproductive labour, immigration, religion, international solidarity, poetry, song, city planning, the troubles, the struggle for Irish independence, and the construction of working class community identity.


Under Which                             Flag

James Connolly

Connolly was a prominent Irish republican, unionist, and union organiser who with James Larkin established the Irish Labour Party, and founded union offices in Sailortown at the turn of the 20th century. Connolly was a leader of the Easter Uprising, a role for which he was executed at Kilmainham Goal in 1916.
Heavily influenced by Marx and Engels, alongside Connollys organisational work he published a huge number of texts and polemics, among which are a many of poems and plays from the socialist and union tradition, among which this: Under Which Flag, was thought lost for many decades.

This dramatic reading of Under Which Flag at the Duncairn Arts Centre was a coproduction of the Shared History interpretative Project (SHIP) in conjunction with SIPTU, Irish Equity, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the James Connolly Visitors Centre.

The cast of Irish Equity actors were led by Sabina Coyne-Higgins and included Brendan Conroy, Donna Anita Nikolaisen, Frank O’Sullivan, John Cronin and Steve Gunn. Direction and production was by Equity President, Padraig Murray and Bryan Murray narrated. SIPTU Deputy General Secretary presided, with Ethel Buckley, and the performance is closed closed by Labour Historian and Musician Union of Ireland Executive member Francis Devine